Forecast: daily rain in your garden

If you think you have a black thumb try automatic watering of plants like radishes, turnips, kale, lettuce, spinach, carrots, chard, beets, zucchini or crookneck squash.

plant them twice as deep as the seed is tall, if the seed in flat plant it on edge, if the first round doesn’t come up in a few weeks start them indoors in the window with potting mix, and then transfer after true leaves have formed (first set of leaves are different).

soak the soil when planting and then start with watering with 5 minutes daily, if wilting increase the time or shade the plant, if yellowing take a day off and then cut back watering time – you can also adjust the drippers(emitters) to put out more/less water.

Simple DIY hose connected irrigation from amazon:

The number of drippers you can put in one circuit will depend on your water pressure and how much you open the emitters.

The following short links include my affiliate Id (monetized): $4 plumbing tape $6 back flow prevention $11 hose splitter $6 adapter $50 valve $14 connector (20 pack) $12 1/2″ tubing $21 drippers $8 1/4″ tubing $10 punch and goof plugs $10 T’s, exension, right angle, end kink


If your water pressure is popping things apart you can adjust the opening of the hose splitter above or get something like this: $25 adjustable pressure regulator


Just found this: if you only have 1 circuit and want to combine a valve, a pressure regulator, an adapter and add a filter. $32 orbit valve, filter/pressure regulator and adapter to 1/2 drip tubing.”

If you have a unused channel on your automatic sprinkler controller you can use this instead of the battery operated valve above. (you’ll also need some 18 gauge wire to connect the two together). $13 valve